Annual Maintenance Contract & Service Call Management Software

EITS AMC software (Annual Maintenance Contract Software) is Intranet or Web based software to manage and monitor the complete activities of Annual Maintenance Contract and Service calls. The proposed AMC Management Software will helps small and medium scale industries to manage the process of Annual Maintenance Contracts, Preventive Maintenance Contracts, Complaint and Service Calls for any type of products that could have warranty contracts and needs regular servicing.



AMC Module – Annual Maintenance Contract Management Software

–  Stand Alone / LAN Compatible / Web based as per client choice
–  Create Warranty Categories of your choice
–  Sales Entry with warranty schedules
–  Auto AMC remainders with respect to sales entry
–  AMC remainders and Quotations, by email or SMS alerts
–  Manage AMC Accounts wrt to Staff
–  Track AMC History by Client or Products
–  AMC compliments history
–  AMC service call and component charges
–  Smart Dash board to view AMC status and remainders
–  Regular Follow up and client updates
–  Generate Performa Invoice and TAX Invoices
–  Payment Remainders and acknowledgements

Service Call Module – AMC and NON AMC service calls

–  AMC Service Calls
–  Non AMC Service Calls
–  Complaints Registration
–  Complaints Action and Status
–  Complaints History and Expenses
–  Complaints with respect to Customers
–  History with respect to Complaints

Reports under below header / title with respect to customer, product, type, status, schedule

Report titles

–  Sales Reports
–  AMC Reports
–  Complaint Reports
–  Invoice and Payment Reports
–  Expenses and Collection Reports
–  Search Reports
–  Scheduled AMC
–  Scheduled Calls
–  Complaints